Archived Missions 2006 - 2007


Mission to Washington, D.C.
November 26-28, 2007
Gary Mar, MLA Calgary Mackay, represented the Alberta government at a Canadian Embassy event.

Mission to Washington, D.C.
September 25-28, 2007
LeRoy Johnson, MLA Wetaskiwin-Camrose, represented the Alberta government at meetings of the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Mission to Shanghai & Hong Kong, China
September 16-22, 2007
Thomas Lukaszuk, MLA Edmonton CastleDowns, member of the Alberta Foreign Offices Review Committee, traveled to China as part of the international offices review.

Mission to Washington, D.C.
September 10-12, 2007
David Coutts, MLA Livingstone-Macleod, represented the Alberta government at the annual U.S. meeting of the Canadian/American Border Trade Alliance (CanAm BTA).

Mission to Anchorage, Alaska
July 22-26, 2007
Ten Alberta MLAs attended the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) Annual Summit.

Mission to Washington, D.C.
July 19-20, 2007
Dave Rodney, MLA Calgary Lougheed, represented the Government of Alberta at a Canadian Embassy-hosted reception to honour Alberta's Representative in Washington, D.C.

Mission to United Kingdom & Germany
July 14-22, 2007
Pearl Calahasen, MLA Lesser Slave Lake, traveled to London, Munich & Berlin as part of the review of Alberta's foreign offices.

Mission to Berkeley, California
March 8-10, 2007
Clint Dunford, MLA Lethbridge West, represented Alberta on a panel at the Alberta-California Energy Conference hosted by the University of Californina, Berkeley.

Mission to Mexico City, Mexico
March 7-10, 2007
Guy Boutilier, Minister of International, Intergovernmental and Aborginal Relations, led a delegation to Mexico City to sign the Alberta-Mexico Declaration on Energy Cooperation as well as participated at the annual CANCHAM meeting.

Mission to Helena, Montana
January 10, 2007
Leonard Mitzel, MLA, Cypress-Medicine Hat, represented Alberta at a hearing of the Montana House Transportation Committee on a resolution regarding the Port of Wild Horse.


Minister's Mission to Breckenridge, Colorado
August 10-13, 2006
Gary Mar, Minister of International & Intergovernmental Relations, led Alberta's delegation to the Annual Meeting of the Council of State Governments-West (CSG-West) 

Mission to Washington, DC for Alberta at the Smithsonian
June 25-July 11, 2006
Premier Ralph Klein led a mission of Alberta Cabinet Ministers to Washington, DC for Alberta Week in Washington and Alberta's participation in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

Premier's Mission to France and Ukraine
June 13-22, 2006
Premier Ralph Klein explored leading-edge cancer research, promoted Alberta's energy industry and enhanced ties with Alberta's sister provinces during his mission to France and Ukraine. 

Alberta Mission to Montana
May 11-12, 2006

Gary Mar, Minister of International and Intergovernmental Relations, led Alberta's delegation to the Montana-Alberta Bilateral Advisory Council. 

Premier Klein's Mission to Alaska
March 27-28, 2006

Premier Klein met with British Columbia, Yukon Territories and Alaska counterparts at Alaska-Canada Regional Summit. 

Minister's Mission to Alaska
March 23-24, 2006
Acting Minister Calahasen led Alberta's delegation to Alaska-Alberta Bilateral Council meetings.