Benefits of the Agreement on Internal Trade

Interprovincial Trade

The Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) saves the Canadian economy billions of dollars each year by reducing barriers to trade.

Among other things, the Agreement:

  • includes obligations to remove additional barriers through future negotiations;
  • opens up the domestic market;
  • prohibits the establishment of new barriers to internal trade; and,
  • requires provincial, federal and territorial governments to be transparent, and to fully disclose all information and practices that may impede an open domestic market.

The AIT also requires governments to treat all persons, goods, services and investments from other provinces as well as they treat their own. Entities, which face trade restrictions from governments, can take advantage of an effective dispute resolution mechanism that is available under the Agreement. For instance, the vast majority of Albertans and Alberta entities that submitted complaints under the Agreement had their grievances addressed.

Analysis of resolved complaints involving Albertans 

By reducing barriers to trade within Canada, the AIT provides a stronger foundation for local businesses to compete internationally.

Dispute settlement, under the Agreement, focuses on cooperation and resolving complaints before they become full-blown disputes.

Complaints involving Alberta have been resolved