About the Ministry

International and Intergovernmental Relations coordinates Alberta’s relationships with governments across Canada and around the world; and on behalf of Albertans, enhances Alberta’s national and international presence in areas such as export development, investment attraction and government relations.


Corporate Structure

Intergovernmental Relations
This division works with other ministries to ensure a coordinated and consistent Alberta approach to intergovernmental relations, and represents Alberta's interests in the Canadian federation. Areas of responsibility include:

  • Meetings with the Prime Minister or other Premiers, meetings of the Council of the Federation, Western Premiers or between the Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia Cabinets;
  • Alberta's international and domestic trade policy;
  • Coordination of intergovernmental fiscal, social, economic and resources policies; and
  • Other interprovincial and federal-provincial issues.

International Relations
The International Relations division works with other Alberta ministries to advance and develop Alberta’s strategic international interests and relationships, and to facilitate trade promotion and investment attraction in targeted international markets. The division is responsible for:

  • Advocating Alberta's interests within Canadian foreign policy;
  • Building and maintaining key alliances;
  • Identifying strategic growth opportunities for Alberta industry through international partnerships; and
  • Managing Alberta's international offices.


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